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Central Heating

Boiler Servicing: Why it's important!

To get the best out of your boiler, it should be serviced annually otherwise it will run less efficiently. This means that it could be costing you more money to run.

Worse still, a boiler that has not been serviced regularly may - for instance - develop a blocked flue terminal which could cause the release of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes into your home. With a regularly serviced boiler, this is less likely.

Since carbon monoxide is odourless and invisible, it is very difficult to detect unless you know exactly what to look out for. Sometimes, you may see black deposits on the wall above the boiler or notice your boiler making more noise than it used to, which may indicate that it is not running as efficiently as it should be.

For your peace of mind, if your boiler hasn’t been serviced in over twelve months contact us. today, and we can arrange a service for a time and date to suit you.


Here at Barford's, we offer fixed price boiler servicing because we understand the uncertainty and worry that everyone feels about their boiler breaking down. This policy allows our customers to ensure their boiler is regularly serviced to ensure efficient, trouble-free operation...Just turn it on and relax!

Central Heating plumbing
Boiler Upgrading and Repairs

When your boiler has stopped operating correctly, this can cause a number of issues and inconveniences, including no hot water or no central heating.

Other boiler problems include water leaks - which cause the boiler to lose pressure - or the boiler displaying common manufacturer error codes which - by law - require a Gas Safe engineer to be able to work on and repair.

If your boiler has a problem, we can also investigate and remedy any faults you might be experiencing.

If you are thinking about changing or upgrading your Central Heating system and need some advice, contact us or head over to our Heating Explained page. There you can learn more about which systems are available and their individual pros and cons. This may help you to make an informed decision about which is the right option for you.

One of the most popular methods of heating the home is through Oil-Fired Central Heating.

We supply a wide range of modern heating oil tanks - both single skin and double skin - in a variety of designs and sizes. We also provide a full installation service, siting the tank in accordance with the latest industry-standard safety regulations and best-practices.

All of our bunded (double-skinned) oil tanks now include a free 10 year guarantee.

Some of our tanks come pre-installed with the very latest in oil level monitoring technology, which offers convenience and cost-saving benefits for the customer. Please contact us or visit our dedicated SMART Technology page for more detailed information.

Oil Tank Supply & Installation
Storage Tank for Heating Oil
Oil Tank
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